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Steiner cattle at Kidron Dairy sale

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:58 pm
by john reber
After several attempts, I managed to get this far. thought you might be interested in the sale of 30 polled Jerseys at the recent (monday night) Kidron Evening dairy sale by the Steiner family. 12 cows and 18 heifers averaged $1538--two sold for $2100 (a Steinline Maple-P and an Elaird of Docsherd-P...both bulls essentially their breeding). The Holstein top brought $2475...they didn't have that average for me.

They sold 40 last year the Monday before the Ohio Production Sale, and they averaged over$1150 (more heifers and not close up): the Wooster sale which followed the next Saturday average $973, I believe. There is definite local interest in polled...even homebred.